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Introducing CyOne Micro Server and Cy7 Server/Storage max. 1824 TB / CPU's  max. 532 
Introducing MARS 200 SDS Appliance

No matter how big or small the data, ultimately one wants to exploit these for to perform: prognosis, diagnosis, classification, research, sharing, and related tasks. But what sizing/performance will be needed? At what costs? And what if unplanned maintenance is out of the question and power-supply & floorspace limited?

Our Cloud Server technology will provide revolutionary, simple, cost-effective and truly lineair scalable server/storage manufactured by Ambedded Technology Co. Ltd. Solutions most A-graded Major Vendors only dream about, have on their drawing boards only or just experiment with, in their labs. CY7 is the first ARM based storage solution accommodating 14 CPU's and 12 hard disks in the space of 1U, one ordinary rack Unit. This results in a very high-density storage solution and provides large scalable computing power to run front-end business and research applications.

The Cy21 server enhances the micro server density to 21 Nodes (= 42 CPU boards in 1U rackspace) in the same chassis space as the Cy7 and provide mSATA SSD storage, for blazing fast data access

MARS 200 is a unique and the most innovative GreenIT SDS appliance available. With fast dual core technology and 8 dedicated cluster servers packed with TB's of storage in 1U, and just voted in the category STORAGE as one of 3 finalists as "best of show" at Interop 2016 Las Vegas. 

Typical area's of usage of our Cloud Server Solutions are: 

  • Cloud Storage
  • Distributed/Parallel Computing
  • Data Center
  • Big data analysis
  • Web Serving

The technology provided is already in use on large scale live production platforms, like the Social Media Massive Tag sharing community: Cynny (www.cynny.com) Products of this 1st ever vendors in the world using this technology, will be available in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourgh by the end of Q4. For further information please visit our new  cloudserver site.  

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About Ambedded Technology 

Ambedded Technology was founded by team members with rich experiences in embedded computer design, manufacture and services since 1990. Our goal is making our customer's idea come to fruition by providing our knowledge and resources. Our focus has always been based on technology improvements that create the new era of embedded computer solutions beyond x86 technologies. We value most our knowledge, service, experience and integrity.


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